Tuesday, 4 July 2017


So you might have seen it if you're already following me on Instagram. But we welcomed a new baby in our family! It was such a surprise because I was on a weekend trip to my parent's house and Mimo (my bf) went to the petstore to bring her home as an early birthday-gift. I love her to bits since the first time I saw her and I'm happy that she became a part of our family so easily. I named her Brioche because her fur looks like a bread that is not fully baked. White underneath and brown on the top ! She also have a beautiful wing-shaped spot on her right eye.

Friday, 9 June 2017


It's been a while since I didn't post on this blog. The day I came back from Paris; I was so excited to share more of my trip here and the beautiful pictures I took. But then, when we were in the train coming back home, my mother-in-law called us and told us my tiny roborovski hamster Tobine was gone this morning. She was my first pet ever, and no matter what size she was; I loved her so much. I was so sad I didn't do much the weeks after. I burried her, surrounded by with wild flowers and that was the most comforting idea.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Time flies

 Zara top | Romwe overall | eBay glasses | Forever21 earrings | eBay phonecase

Ça y est; le printemps est déjà là! Un an que je suis déjà venue à la campagne, profiter de la nature; des longues promenades au bord du lac et des balades dans les bois. Même si j'adore la campagne, pourtant parfois la ville me manque. Lorsqu'il fait mauvais et que je suis coincée à la maison par exemple... Et flâner dans les boutiques aussi! Alors j'ai décidé de retourner un peu en ville quelques jours; avant d'espérer pouvoir s'y réinstaller pour de bon. Espérez un ou deux articles Parisiens très bientôt! ♥ / The spring is already here! One year, I came here, by the countryside; to enjoy a bit of nature. The long walks by the lake, or a stroll in the woods. And even if I love the countryside, sometimes I miss the city. When it's cold outside and I'm stuck at home for exemple... and I miss doing some shopping too ! So I decided to go back to the city for a few days; still hoping to find a job there soon! So be ready for one or two Parisian articles next week!

Monday, 20 March 2017

I Saw Some Strange Animals in the Woods

 Lazzari top | Mango overall | ASOS bow | ASOS purse | Pull&Bear boots

J'étais impatiente de pouvoir porter ce nouveau top et la robe Lazzari que j'ai reçu à Noël - je posterai la robe dès que le temps sera meilleur! J'ai eu un énorme coup de coeur pour les motifs qu'ils ont utilisé pour cette collection depuis qu'ils l'ont sortie. Ces llamas et ces couleurs ne sont elles pas magnifiques? Mais je n'arrive pas à l'assortir avec autre chose que cette salopette de chez Mango. Je trouve l'ensemble tellement adorable ! / I couldn't wait wearing this sweater and the dress from Lazzari I received at Christmas - I'll post the dress as soon as the weather will be better! I had a huge crush on the pattern they used for this collection since they released it. Isn't those llamas and colors the prettiest? I love wearing it with my overall from Mango.